By Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium – Western New Mexico Plant form: Anoda cristata. ~ By Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium – Western New Leaves: Anoda cristata. Zoya Akulova. Anoda cristata, a dicot, is an annual herb that is not native to California; it was introduced from elsewhere and naturalized in the wild. Flower(s); Spurred anoda (Anoda cristata) plant in flower. Phil Westra, Colorado State University, Additional Resolutions & Image Usage, Flower(s);.

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Exact status definitions can aboda from state to state. This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above.

Anoda cristata – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Massachusetts not applicable S-rank: New England occurrences are introduced. Facts About Crested anoda is native to North and South America, and introduced in other parts of the world, where it is an agricultural weed.

Distinguished by its annual, erect to decumbent habit; elongated triangular leaves, often with a red stripe down the middle; the lavender flowers with petals mm long; and the fruits with sections mericarps. Ecological Site Information System. This Malvales -related article is a stub.

Archived from the original xls on Each segment produces a seed. The University Press of Kentucky.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Weeds of the United States and Canada. Data Source and Documentation. Anoda cristata spurred anoda This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below. It is known throughout the rest of the Americas as well as Australia as an introduced species and often a noxious weed. This is an annual herb reaching a maximum erect height between one half and one meter. Click on a place name to get a complete noxious weed list for that location, or click here for a composite list of all Crisfata and State Noxious Weeds.


Anoda cristata – Wikipedia

Disk-shaped, mm diameter excluding spineshispid; mericarps with horizontal spines 1. Each mericarp has two sections, the lower section containing the seed, and the stiff-hairy to spiny upper part with an elongate, pointed beak. Crested anoda is native to North and South America, and introduced in other parts of the world, where it is an agricultural weed.

Anoda cristata is most similar cirstata species of Sida, but in that genus the flowers are yellow or white. Retrieved 8 January The only species of that genus in our area, S. Views Read Edit View history. Top Level Regions Caribbean.

Anoda cristata

The stem is ridged and branching. Wetland Status Occurs in wetlands or non-wetlands. This may also explain the expansion of its North American distribution.

Yards, waste areas, wool waste. Retrieved 18 April In fruit, the calyx as a whole becomes flattened or saucer-shaped, and up to 2 cm wide.

Suberect or decumbent annual herb, stems hispid. Anosa covers those considered historical not seen in 20 years. Volume 27 2 This is sometimes an agricultural weedespecially of soybeans.

WigginsKearney and Peebles Spermatophyta — Seed plants. Synonyms Anoda cristata L. The Morton Arboretum Annual herb up to 2 m tall Stem: Anoda comes from Greek, a, without and Latin nodus, joint or znoda, a nod to the stems lacking nodes, while cristata means comb-like.


Anoda acerifolia, Anoda cristata var.

Annual herb up to 2 m tall Stem: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Its exact native range is unclear but it probably anodaa Mexico and part or all of Central America.

Southwest Desert Flora

crostata Bulbils the plant does not appear to have bulbils Bulblets replace flowers there are no bulblets where the flowers are located. Annual herb; Suberect or decumbent, the stems usually hispid Leaves: Bracteole number Apiaceae 0 Bracts in plantain Plantago NA Final leaf segment length compound lvs only 0 mm Final leaf segment length to width ratio compound lvs only 0 Hairs on underside of leaf the underside of the leaf is fuzzy or hairy Hairs on upper side of leaf the upper side of the leaf is fuzzy or hairy Leaf arrangement alternate: Along streams, in meadows, on roadsides, in fields sometimes weedy: Characteristics Habitat terrestrial New England state Connecticut Massachusetts Flower cristta color blue to purple pink to red Leaf type the leaves are simple i.

Habitat terrestrial New England state Connecticut Massachusetts Specific habitat man-made or disturbed habitats. Anoda cristata is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family known by many common names, including spurred anoda[2] crested anoda[3] and violettas.