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In such cases the differential diagnosis with MS can become more troublesome because clinical diagnostic criteria for MS and NMO may be superposed. MRI findings were compatible with Barkhof and col. Chronic Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, Coping. Ainda de acordo com Angerami-Camon et al. As the result of the difficult distinction between NMO and other diseases sharing the same clinical features some diagnostic criteria have been proposed, however, none of them have been prospectively validated so far 1,2.

Segundo Wilterdink et al. A ten year-old boy has presented with acute bilateral visual loss, gait abnormality, and urinary retention.

Outro entrevistado corrobora afirmando que: There were no histories of both. NMO is a distinct disease with more severe prognosis than MS. Therefore, the signs and symptoms initially displayed by our patient are consistent with the diagnosis of NMO according to Wingerchuck’s and col.

The prognosis is usually worse than in MS. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system considered as a demyelinating disease because it causes damage to the myelin that coats nerve fibers for the impulses to the brain, optic nerve and spinal cord.


Our patient has initially presented with optic neuritis, myelitis, had pleocytosis with polymorphonuclear predominance, and MRI spinal cord abnormalities. MRI criteria for MS diagnosis require three of the following: Manual do residente em neurologia.

Recurrent neuromyelitis optica with diffuse central nervous system involvement: case report

Demonstra dessa forma, a necessidade de afastar-se daquilo que incomoda e assim negar e reconhecer o seu adoecimento. J Neurol Sci ; Sensory examination revealed spinal cord level at T4. Recommended diagnostic criteria for MS were recently proposed by McDonald and col The relapses can be confined in the optic nerve or spinal cord, however, they can be found in different areas of central nervous system CNS desmieliinizantes.

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, multiphasic disseminated encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis in children. Three absolute criteria, two major supportive criteria, and three minor supportive criteria were present.

“doenças auto-imunes desmielinizantes do sistema nervoso central” in English

A complete recovery was seen except for the visual acuity deficit. According to these criteria, if there are two attacks compatible with MS, documented by objective evidence of two lesions separated in time and necessarily separated in snv may be sufficient to make an MS diagnosis solely on clinical grounds. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The bearer of Multiple Sclerosis and methods of facing forward to disease.

There are few studies addressing NMO treatment.

MS can be found in children and usually presents with attacks reflecting white matter involvement Estudos de Psicologiav. Segundo Angerami-Camon et al. Because NMO patients can improve spontaneously this may be just a coincidence, however, future trials should address the role of such drugs in NMO treatment. New diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis.


Although recurrent ADEM can occur, the recurrences are usually registered in the first six months and our patient had new attacks through the first 18 months of disease 3,4. Estima-se que no Brasil exista aproximadamente Jornal de Pediatria, v.

Therefore, it is hoped will learn ways of coping used by patients with multiple sclerosis in relation to this disease. Blood cell counts have been ordered monthly and echocardiography has been performed every three months, in order to assess mitoxantrone side effects. A brain magnetic resonance imaging MRI has shown more than nine T2-hyperintense lesions, most of them desmiflinizantes periventricular white matter, but also with juxtacortical and pericallosum region involvement Figs 1A e 1B.

At this time a left hemiparesis was registered. Also, ADEM is usually monophasic and our patient had a multiphasic disease.

Services on Demand Journal. Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologiav.

The differential diagnosis with multiple sclerosis MS has become troublesome since not only optic nerves and spinal cord were involved. Several demyelinating disorders can affect children.