Job Tracking for ArcGIS® (JTX™) is an enterprise workflow management extension that provides an integration framework for ArcGIS multiuser geodatabase. Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX), now known as Workflow Manager (JTX), is a software that provides advanced job tracking and workflow. ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Desktop provides several custom steps. The source code for each of these is provided as part of the developer kit. The following.

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The steps and their arguments and return codes are outlined below. SetVersion Sets the job’s version to a named version. CleanUp Cleans up the job based on the arguments. This gives you the ability to choose only some extended properties configured on the job type to be displayed in the pop-up.

The esrri is zoomed to the area of interest. Depending on their role in the organization, authorized users can create a job, assign it, work on it, and check its progress. EditExtendedProperties Displays the job’s extended properties as a pop-up form edri allow the user to enter the required properties.

VersionAccessor Scope.

Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX) Whitepaper

At the heart of Job Tracking for ArcGIS JTX is a database that tracks the progress of these job assignments and reports information to managers on status and performance, without slowing the production process. Database to Send SQL: Once ArcMap has finished loading, the button represented by the ProgID entered is programmatically pushed.

The protection level of the version is specified by one of the following arguments: Eesri Creates the version for the job.


With the default behavior, no alternative location is configured, and the job’s map documents are stored in the Workflow Manager database. The map is zoomed to the LOI. AddJobHold Adds a hold to the current job. The availability of this extension for ArcGIS Server improves efficiency by ersi greater access to the information within different departments in an organization and even remotely. Displays the job’s extended properties as a pop-up form to allow the user to enter the required properties.

Available with Standard or Advanced license. The extension organizes GIS tasks, such as collaborative projects where parts of a GIS job need to be broken down and performed systematically by a group of people. The layers will be resourced jts the job version esti the map will be zoomed to the job’s location of interest.

All layers from the data workspace will be repointed irrespective of whether they are selected for repoint in the job type properties or not. This is done with a graphic diagramming tool similar to ModelBuilder. Store MXDs in ssri location. Retrieved from ” http: To set multiple extended properties values at once separate each entry by a semicolon: The data user and connection information will be left as they were originally configured.

LaunchGPTool Executes geoprocessing tools from your workflows.

Feature Class to Update must be in data geodatabase: This works the same as the scenario when a version exists, except the default version for the data workspace is used for resourcing the layers. Cleans up the job based on the arguments.

Do not change any connection information.

Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX) Standardizes GIS Workflows

esdi For example, set the job’s version to QC version to validate edits that were posted in that version. ArcMap opens with a blank document. This option also allows you to switch jobs in ArcMap without clearing out the map document. This page has been accessed 1, times.


If you choose to use this option, Workflow Manager will load the map document or template configured for the argument. Improve user productivity by automating multiuser tasks and reducing repetitive setup procedures.

Seamlessly integrate your Edri and other business applications. Need Help Contact us About Wiki.

Workflow Manager Advanced Settings

The DesktopSteps library contains steps that can be executed only from the desktop because of the pop-up user interfaces. Jhx layers are not repointed in the map opened by Workflow Manager. Simplify creation, management, and tracking of geodatabase versions and simultaneous editing. Available with Workflow Manager license.

When creating a child job, the start date, due date, data workspace, and priority are copied from the parent job, while the job assignment is copied from esir job type’s default properties if a value is not specified in the step arguments. With the default behavior, the map is panned to the ewri AOI and zoomed by a factor of 1 to the shape’s geometry. Easily manage and distribute work for geographically dispersed workforces.

Toolbox Path explicit full path to the tbx file combined with toolbox name: