The quickstart template included Joomla which I unzipped into Joomla15 in the htdocs directory of xampp. This all worked fine and I have. Redirects Component for Joomla! overview, changelog, download. File, Summary + Labels, Uploaded, Size. axe-rescheek-quickstart-UNZIP-FIRST. zip, Axe Rescheek Quickstart Website joomla free templates themes layout.

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Quick Start Guide

Ask questions in the Installing Joomla! Can someone explain how to get a second Joomla web site running in my xampp environment? Either the server is overloaded or there was an error in a CGI script.

July 14, at How do I do this? For visual guide please follow the links below. How do I set it up as you said above in terms of directories? Now I want to create a second web site for testing on my pc, using a different Joomlart template and different content.


second web site – JoomlArt

Jump to forum Jump to forum. Naturally, for this solution, there’s no sql dump file. You know Joomla has migrate to the newst version and it seem there are so many changes, including the look of lay out etc. I tried this but it does not work?

Thank you David Huston. In a very short period of time, you will have learned enough that you can build a simple Joomla! But I can not. September 30, at 4: GK User Sun Jun 08, Please follow these steps:.

May 30, at 1: Jump to forum Jooomla15 to forum. Sherlock Friend Sherlock Join date: Sometimes, though, issues at your Web host can make installation very challenging. New Unified Portal is live Must Read.

how to change the files?

Sorry to be so confused! I followed the instruction stated above, I deleted the installation directory and the quickstart package is still not installed. If you are developing the site locally before hosting then define ‘URL’, ‘http: GK User Sat Jun 07, 8: Follow the instruction step by step to complete installation process. In other words, is Quickstart a custom build of Joomla quicksstart.


However, this is not true for web2! How long should the install of Sample Data take? Please read this Announcement for details.

I guess what it means is to change the following after you have opened the virtumart. In the end, they are best able to help. I have a new web site with nothing on it. So maybe there is a problem with the second template that I downloaded. I am a little confused.

Look forward to hear from you guys…. A category belongs to a section.