Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Kana Kana Ruchira, Vanna Marul, Kidandhu, Vallale Mdhusoodhana, Nayaganai nindra. Buy Sri Lalithambal Shobanam- Malayalam online at best price in India on Snapdeal. Read Sri Lalithambal Shobanam- Malayalam reviews & author details. Lalithambal Shobanam. Bhagavath Dyana Shobanam- Swamy Desikan Duration : min. Views: Category: Music. Lalitha Pancharatnam Duration:

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No, create an lalitgambal now. There is no comparison to the wealth of the Goddess. Shobanam means a prayer that everything should turn out to be good.

And the queen of queens mother Lalitha feeling that there are none to defeat Bandasura other than her came to the battle front.

Lalithambal Sobanam – 2 | lli Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios

Great voice and perfect diction She had two breasts lalithakbal looked like buds of the lotus plant. He then created Vishukra who was his intelligent brother on his right shoulder. Those mongoose of the mother killed all the eight serpents. Then the Bandasura called Hiranya Kasipu and other asuras.

Then as per the advice of Brahma they prayed. Hi Please check this link: Lord Shiva not only gave him life but also gave him lot of boons. He also asked his brother Vishanga to do magical deeds along with fifteen asuras. You’ve reached the daily limit of shoanam videos. The Goddess is coming with soldiers, chariots, elephant army, horse army looking like a sea.

Bandasura sent the arrow of the wind and Parvathi stopped it palithambal arrow of Varuna and he sent incurable diseases, The mother sent hundred crores of the triple arrow of Achyuthananda Govinda and Achyutha destroyed all the diseases without even leaving a bit.

Only from now on in the war, the universal mother would shobaam coming, If you hear about the coming of the Shakthis then the effect of evil magic will vanish.


Her thighs were as pretty and supple like the elephant trunk. But please do not do such sins. Sep 18, 7. Similarly his ministers like Kutilaksha joined with him. East of that, there are homes for the divine trinity in the three lotus flower forests. He performed worship of guests, worship of Lord Shiva and this is done by other asuras also.

Guranda was killed by Aswarooda. Then the asuras could not see Mohini and saw only the empty pot and they all waged a war against the devas. The Goddess told him, was this not your pride that made you do this. So Shiva sent sage Durvasa to control his pride. Log in with Facebook.

Duryodhana died because of Panchali. Those cheering asuras took the pot of nectar and started running away. Want to watch more videos for this song? Then that evil Bandasura sent Shisupala, Kamsa, Sakata and Lalitambal and the goddess of the universe shook the first finger of her left hand and from that came Sangarshgana, Pradhyumna, Krishna and Aniruddha and they killed all these asuras.

Exchange Offer cannot be clubbed with Bajaj Finserv for this product. Shobznam doing good Aswarooda she who rides on a horse arose from the serpent rope. The great devas with a garland of fame came near the mother.

Lalithambal Shobanam(Tamil) – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

She showered water of Ganges on them as if the water was coming from the trunk of an elephant, The Shakthis drank the divine water and regained their strength and started the fighting with renewed vigour. In the corner of wind god is the chariot of Manthrini. Retrieved from ” http: He shouted like thunder and arranged for security on all doors of the fort. On the octet shaped seat called Chakra Raja king of chakras there are three times five floors and is.

To the Gods like Sun and the moon. Nov 1, 6. Then the angry Dummatha sent Guranda. Seeing her colour like that of an asura and her pleasant mien like that of moon light, devas saluted with folded hands and fell down on her golden feet.


The other half was killed by Varahi and she also killed Vishukra and she further killed. Not knowing the confusion created by the thieves The goddess kept watching the fight of Danda natha and the traitor Vishanga cut off one of her pole with her flag. Quick links Product Type: For saving them and looking after them and for entry in to the town Lord Brahma gave them the Pushpaka Vimana.

The devilish one sent the arrow of blindness and she destroyed it by arrow of the eye. She had eye brows like the bow of the God of love.

Seeing the very bad Banda, both eyes of the goddess burnt red like fire, and she took her world famous Kodanda bow and pulled the string of the bow in a circular fashion and decided in her mind to kill the asura without waste of any time.

And she sang like a Cuckoo sitting on a jasmine plant.

Lalithambal Shobanam(Tamil)

Oh mother you are the one who protects the eighty four aspects of the seven fold differences. The great enchanter shook her little finger and from that came Vamana incarnation of Maha Vishnu who won over Maha Bali and pushed him back to Patala. Many Bhadra Kalis, Rana Bhadra Kalis, Veera Mardhana Kali, Rudra Kali, Kalis with fire on their foreheads Came in a circle angrily shouting, The eight snakes not being ornament to them, but having gem studded crowns, Broad waist belts and ankle bangles came.

Later all the devas talked with each other and decided on one thing.