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There are lots of resistors, how would we know which are the ones we are looking for?

But how 103aow this feedback circuit, which is the one we want to dayasheet, actually works? But when I connect even very small load, it shuts off. The idea behind it is modifying a 19V 65W notebook power supply to output 24V. I managed to get up to Now, suppose your output voltage keeps raising and reach 5. Daatasheet better view of the optocoupler: You now have a voltage divider which halves your voltage.

A simple variable power supply based on the LM You can see the positive and negative outputs, the main controller comparator and reference voltage and the connection to the control circuit, through the optocoupler.


As the current flows into the capacitor, the output voltage starts to rise. It’s easy to see where the inputs are. Does this project spark your interest?

Modifying a notebook power supply

Your comparator will tell you if a value is higher or lower than 2. I’ve already identified the main parts on the feedback circuit. Suppose your output voltage was at 4. Has anyone solved this problem? I connect the variable datssheet supply to the power supply I want to modify and measure the voltage at the optocoupler.

S9012 . Datasheet. Equivalente. Reemplazo. Hoja de especificaciones. Principales características

View all 3 project logs. Wait at least one minute after disconnecting it from mains before handling it again while open. This project was part of my Soldering Station project.

Any clue what could be the cause? If R2 is 1kOhm, you have:.

How would you do this? Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates.

The voltage divider divides the output voltage by a known constant and feed it to a comparator. That’s pretty close to the 2. The images below are purely educational.

We’ll need to open it, identify the feedback circuit and change the reference voltage divider. I wiped my webserver and the images got broken.

Did’nt bother much more due to the PCB being covered in thermal glue hiding the circuit. No blue magic smoke.


AIW – ST – IC Chips – Kynix Semiconductor

Test the power supply with a variable voltage power supply. In this pagewe can see how to use a variable output power supply to identify the 103aid divider. There was one problem, though: When nothing connected it is 28V what is modified to be.

Consider the output voltage at 19V and calculate the divider, you get around 2. You want a 5V output voltage and have a 2. Just when it’s about to reach 18V 19V – 1Vthe voltage suddenly drops to 3V. You should Sign Up. The feedback circuit notices this and, when datazheet voltage is below the threshold, it tells the control circuit so, which closes the switch datzsheet. Similar projects worth following. Using a voltage divider.

This will be explained in the next post.

SMPS are much more complex, but this is enough to give a good understanding on the theory of operation. When you turn on the power supply, the switch is open and datasheett capacitor is discharged, at 0V. Having the datasheet of the comparator in hands always helps. Testing pin 3 I’ve read 2.