Log in Don’t have an account? Mirroring the application, both immediate-mode and display-list modes are measured. Archived from the original on February 4, These double values are very important for manufacturing, but currently, graphics hardware isn’t robust enough to display anything but single precision floating point data. Also, as there are two physically separate vertex arrays, each half of the vertex processing block is likely to share resources like registers and caches. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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The most significant feature 3flabs Lightscape is its ability to simulate global illumination effects accurately by pre-calculating the diffuse energy distribution in an environment and storing the lighting distribution as part of the 3D model.

We also can’t say how granular 3DLab’s SIMD arrays are, which means that we don’t know just how much work they can get done per clock cycle.

Mirroring the application, draw arrays are used for the shaded tests and immediate mode is used for the wireframe. The Wildcat Realizm has MB of local memory, but if needed, it could have swapped paged out up to the size of our free idle system memory.

Wildcat Realizm powers through the Viewperf 7. Jack Taylor February 14, The Fragment Array also supports 32 textures in one clock. The viewset is based on a trace of the running application and includes all the state changes found during normal Unigraphics operation. Can’t wait to see the roundup! Of course, then we could go build our own GPUs and skip the middle man. The wlidcat lighting “mesh” can then be rapidly displayed. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The precentage by which percision is decreased depends on the data being processed and algorithms used.


Either way, this HIS part is the highest performing ATI based solution that we could dig up wildcay compete with our workstation components. Speed is absolutely useful, but more important than speed is actually being able to visualize a necessary data set. I wonder if the FireGL X3 will do the job?

3DLABS Wildcat Realizm 200 Graphics Card – 512 MB

Unfortunately, without more information, we can’t draw conclusions on DX9 co-issue or dual-issue per pipeline capabilities of the part. While the Wildcat4 -or even the VP Pro have a very stable screen at maximum resolution. Wildcat Realizm powers through the Viewperf 7. The specs from 3Dlabs resolution table is giving by pixels maximum!

Heute gibt es erstmals auch Gesichter und Namen zu den Karten, die den vor knapp acht Wochen vorgestellten Chip tragen werden. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This model is measured in shaded, hidden-line removal, and wildxat modes.

3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm Technology – Workstation Graphics: AGP Cross Section

This is at least an interesting solution to the problem of balancing a bit and bit solution. Fragment shaders of up to K instructions with full flow-control, can be effortlessly executed from virtual memory. Log in Don’t have an account?


It used to be that NVIDIA sold the cheapest workstation components by simply overclocking their desktop part and enabling hardware point and line antialiasing. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Visibility is computed via a Hierarchical Z algorithm. We can see with the most 3dlas Quadro part that their philosophy has changed quite a bit. Media-rich application processors for Handheld and embedded devices.

3DLABS – Certified Driver Downloads

This means that we 16x bit components being processed in each of the three physical blocks at any given time. Views Read Edit View history. Die komplette Pressemitteilung zur Wildcat Realizm und im Klapptext englisch.

Wildfat would fit the math for a 16×16 pixel tile with 4x multi-samples per pixel. But, geometry instancing could really help geometry limited applications when working with scenes full of multiple objects.