Webcam Works out of the box Webcam , using the uvcvideo driver. You can first try Windows repair. In the past it was always “on” but I could never connect. May 17th, 5. Having a problem logging in? So, I opened a terminal window and tried sudo apt-get update That failed as well.

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[SOLVED] Acer Aspire One D w/ ARX, no Wireless

How to multi booting on a ZG5? Common features are listed below Screen size 14″, 15″, or 15″ wide Wireless card Disk and Ram size, optical device Other options, like fingerprint reader, bluetooth Hope this was useful. If your netbook has the original Acer Windows installation, there is a separate partition with the Windows recovery files. This time around the netbook insists it’s connected, but the LED is “off. For hibernation add to the ‘generic’ section in ‘lilo.

I’ll be back if anything breaks! It seemed to be stuck on obtaining the IP address.


AOD250 Not booting up: missing pci driver

I’m a bit computer illiterate when it comes to BIOS and hardware and all that, so please bear with me. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

UK supplier of the missing mini pci-e socket? Suspend to disk works when the hibernate package is installed.

Mouse The mouse works well, even the special key to turn off the mousepad to avoid spurious clicks. Aug 23, Messages: My Network’s Name Speed: Multi-click, however, doesn’t work out of the box and needs a special configuration.

When you push the power button on your Acer Aspire, hold down ALT and press F10 Repeatedly untill your screen says “Windows Loading Files” This will give you the option to restore your computer to default factory settings! It was working fine, I created a new Admin account and deleted the old ones. AOD internal mini pci-e 3G Modem. Review your favorite Linux distribution. May 17th, 5. I’ve tried to research this on my own, but haven’t found a solution.

DisplaySize and this in the Device section: Webcam Works out lci the box Webcamusing the uvcvideo driver. The way I enabled wifi was to copy a backported package like this on a usb stick and install it from there since the wired network card wasn’t working either.


The first reboot after install presents a default CLI login. May 17th, 7.

Overall Status

I have not checked the built-in memory card yet so that’s a job for another day. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Just install the package or follow the instructions here. Devlce Attachments Some configuration files and sample outputs.

InstallingDebianOn/Acer/AspireOne-D – Debian Wiki

If ‘generic’ then run ‘mkinitrd’ to create an initrd tree and modify ‘lilo. The connection info is: This forum is for you. May 17th, 3.