Topics proof, percentage, alcohol, tables, ethyl, fiscal, gravity, hydrometer, volume, spirit, fiscal proof, specific gravity, proof spirit, british proof. The poises are made of hammered brass, gilded, and can be attached by means of a slot in the poise to the X ALCOHOLOMETRIC TABLES spindle of the. The alcoholometric tables are still used around the world by wine and spirits professionals, and were originally published by the OIML in under the.

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The unofficial investigations of Fownes ” Phil. Thu Jan 28, 8: Percentage of By weight. Sphits which contain a greater proportion of alcohol than is contained in proof spirit are said to be of over- proof strength o.

When alcohol and water are mixed together the volume of the mixture is invariably less than the sum of the initial volumes, and the degree of contraction varies with the proportion of alcohol present.

Combining equations 20 and 21 to eliminate B i gives:. Percentage of ethyl alcohol. Nine methods are used to alcoholomeric the potential alcohol content:. A 30 Over- proof.

Canadian Alcoholometric Tables 1980

There are still two questions unanswered. William Honneyman developed the following equation for potential alcohol of musts prepared with cane sugar:. While he did not recommend a specific way to calculate the graded factors, he provided an important validation of the approach in general. It estimates the alcohol content by dividing the drop in SG alcoholometricc the constant 0. An indispensable step to a correct assay of spirit is the removal of any foreign matter which may be in solution in the alcoholic mixture.


The Dry Matter Calculator determines the solids content of a wine from its alcohol content and specific gravity.

Improper handling, such as lifting the instrument by the stem from a horizontal position, will lead to a high incidence of breakage. The corrections are functions of both the alcohol and solids content of the liquids.

This serves to disperse layers of the liquid of different density and temperature. In this method, the user supplies a factor f to be multiplied by the initial Brix of the must:. Previous to the adoption of Gay-Lussac’s alcoholo- meter and tables by the French Government, Cartier’s areometer was used as the Revenue instrument.

In the original equations, specific gravities are expressed as degrees Plato, which FermCalc treats as being the equivalent alcoholmoetric degrees Brix.

ethyl alcohol table – Chromatography Forum

The coefficient of thermal expansion for aqueous ethanol-sucrose solutions, which determines the change in density for a given change in temperature, depends on both the ethanol and sucrose levels, but mainly on the ethanol level Espejo and Armada, Similar researches were undertaken by Gay-Lussac Paris,McCuUoch Washington,Baumhauer Amsterdam, Mendeleeff Petrograd,and more recently by the Kaiserliche Normal Eichungs Kommission Berlin,the several results of which have from time to time been incorporated in the systems of alcoholometry adopted by the respective govern- ments.

Similarly, in Holland a proof standard is recognized. It does not work with refractometer readings because of the obscuration effect of alcohol on refractive index. While Blunt is generally credited with showing that the subtraction formula is more accurate than the division formula, the subtraction formula was clearly in use well before Blunt wrote his paper Mulder, Instructions for Use The following instructions must be followed in order to achieve accurate results.


Immersion In order for the readings of the hydrometer to be correct, the emergent stem must be dry, except in the immediate vicinity of the meniscus. Mendeleeff s alcohol is thus found to be overproof, or volumes at 10″ C, when diluted with water to proof strength, yield volumes at that temperature.

The following general observations on alcoholometry, together with the explanation of the origin and use of the tables, are taken from the article above re- ferred to. Most spreadsheet software will not be able to load xlcoholometric the rows at once.

John Holmes, of the Government Laboratory, and were originally published in an abbreviated form in connexion with the article ” Alcoholometry,” contributed by Mr. Daniel Pambianchi proposed the following formula to calculate a theoretical potential alcohol content:.

The Balling method is normally used for beer but gives results that agree very well with the other methods.

Full text of “Alcoholometric tables”

In order for the readings of the hydrometer to be correct, the emergent stem must be dry, except in the immediate vicinity of the alcoholometrid. Values have been calculated for individual density steps 0. The experimental procedure is summarized below.