ALINE HELG CURRICULUM VITAE Département d histoire générale 5, rue Saint -Ours Genève 4 Switzerland Tel.: E-mail: Aline. Aline Helg, University of Geneva, Histoire générale Department, Faculty Member. Studies Fiction, Mexico History, and Lucha Libre. Aline Helg. Our Rightful Share: The Afro-Cuban Struggle for Equality, Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, $ (cloth), ISBN.

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Socioeconomic and cultural history of Cuba, 18thth centuries.

Breaking the Silencea documentary series whose production she helped finance. Click here to sign up. The event effectively ended the Afro-Cuban’s political organization along racial lines, and Helg stresses that although some cultural elements of African origin were integrated into official Cuban culture, true racial equality has remained aliine.

University of South Carolina Press. A Bill of Rights for Slaves?

The Partido Independiente de Color, Helg argues that despite Cuba’s abolition of slavery in and its winning of independence inAfro-Cubans remained marginalized in all aspects of society. Help Center Find hleg research papers in: The Afro- Cuban Struggle for Equality, “for an outstanding book on some aspect of the history of the dispersion, settlement, and adjustment, or return of people originally from Africa.

Oralidad, identidad y resistencia, Graciela Maglia and Armin Schwegler eds. The View from Latin America. Research work in Cuba and Argentina.


Socioeconomic and cultural history of Colombia, 18th th centuries.

Aline Helg (Author of Our Rightful Share)

A 3-year ProDoc Program financed by the Swiss National Fund for the interdisciplinary training of graduate students in Human Geography, Social Sciences and in Cultural Studies through workshops, field research, and network building. She challenges Cuba’s well-established myth of racial equality and shows that racism is deeply rooted in Cuban Creole society.

Latin American Studies Association. Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois, 11 September. The Afro-Cuban Struggle for Equality, “for the best book on Caribbean history published in the a,ine two years. Helg argues that despite Cuba’s abolition of slavery in and its winning of independence inAfro-Cubans have remained marginalized in all aspects of society.

Claude Auroi and Aline Helg edsLondon: Aline Helg is a professor of contemporary history at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Helg argues that divisions within the lower and upper classes, silence on the issue of race, and Afro-Colombians’ preference for individual, local, and transient forms of resistance resulted in particular spheres of popular autonomy but prevented the development of aljne Afro-Caribbean identity in the region and a cohesive challenge to Andean Colombia.

Revue Suisse d’Histoire, vol. Paper, Global Studies Aoine Independence and nation building. Helg, CV 6 Cultura oficial y cultura prohibida: Theory, Policies, and Popular Reaction. Special interest in regionalism, black and alune communities, popular religion, forced displacement.


Ernst Klett Verlag, The Afro-Cuban Struggle for Equality, Reflexiones sobre su historiaCartagena, November.

It is fair to say that this book rescued a crucial episode for understanding Cuban history right out from oblivion, for the memory of the Massacre, “El Doce,” and the events leading up to it had been repressed from both the neocolonial republic and the one created after Caribbean Colombia and Early Nation Hrlg, After the wars for independence in which they fought en masse, Afro-Cubans demanded change politically by forming the first national black party in the western hemisphere.

Lewis Memorial Award from the Caribbean Studies Association, helv “to an outstanding book that addresses a Pan-Caribbean problem issue.

Our Rightful Share

Comparative Studies in Society and History, vol. Log In Sign Up. Abel and Collin M.

University of North Carolina Press, pages. Comparative slavery, slave resistance and slave revolt. She has written a most important book, the subject of 3 awards: