I don’t have a projector to test with, but this is what I would do. Feb 6, 2. I ve connected my projector to the HDMI output and my samsung pc monitor to the monitor output of the Nov 21, at 8: Now I do get fully PCM output 5.

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Nov 21, at 7: Feb 26, I have found the driver and downloaded.

So I removed this realtek driver and installed the ati HDMI audio driver on your advice from the link I mentioned earlier in this post. However once installing it says it cannot find a compatible device and aborts the installation. Joined Jul 16, Messages 9, 2.

Then go to configure for this Device my Windows is German so its konfigurieren and set the Speaker Properties to 5. If that’s set to “on”, the audio will be downcoverted to 2 channel PCM internally and sent to your projector.

While add in board partners will undoubtedly produce passively cooled versions, the default includes a fan; it’s small and reasonably quiet, but it’s still a fan. My atl does not have such a function. I ve tried everything but cannot get any sound to my receiver. It may not have the sources linked.


[ubuntu] HDMI Audio with ATI Radeon Works!

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Out of curiosity uadio, I put the dvi to hdmi adapter from a I had lying around on it and what do you know.

The new ones solve this popup audio error. In which order do I install?

I don’t know what this means, since I thought I was going from dvi to hdmi, and not the other way around. Disable the other display uncheck “enable”. Sites like this can whine zudio what it isn’t, but what is it will sell extremely well. It could be your receiver.

HD, HDMI audio not working | TechPowerUp Forums

Found some new drivers As of 2 days ago on Realteks site that I am going to try. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

After this HDMI audio device remains yellow in my hardware and is not installed properly. I honestly don’t remeber where I got the drivers though. Homeless Nov 26, Installed the lastest ATI driver. Rafeon the lastest ATI driver. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Also switching to dual display OR single display with the projector does not work and only gives me 2-channel sound.


sound over HDMI HD4350?

Or do I only need the 9. Nov 20, at I just zudio this problem two days ago. The Radeon HD is an even cheaper alternative to adding 8-channel LPCM output and hardware Blu-ray acceleration, however the half-height reference design does require a fan by default.

ONLY after this I do get 5. Individually, they don’t perform so well, but did Anandtech forget that AMD allowed their IGPs to work with discrete cards now, so you can get benefit of both.