I own a Ford F whose power steering leaks like a sieve. The fluid broke down rapidly less than 40, miles , as the tolerance in the system is low. Can I use hydraulic fluid for power steering? Either the brakes are worn or there’s a leak. It wore my rotary valve and metal bits from the pump killed itself. Got a run around the farm beater pickup that isn’t even tagged. It depends on the age of thr car, and how much you care.

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The only thing with tranny fluid was that it foamed easily whem turning extreme right or left thus overflowing the sextron cap and requiring constant fill ups.

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Can I use a dexfron fluid in the power steering reservoir of my BMW i? Fortunately, diesel pumps have oversized nozzles, so that mistake is hard to make. I have it in 3 units, and have had no failures to date Or else it’s a bad day. I think Hy-tran is 10 anyway. Look on the containerthere are mil specs given for substitute oils to usethen go to your local hydraulic guy and see what he has to offer. Amy Mendini Amy. Answered Apr 14, He told me the automatic fliud would make the helm respond sextron lil quicker because it wuz a tad thicker than the recomended fluid This tool looks for lower prices at sextron stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy.


Causes of Low Oil Pressure in Engines.

What Happens If You Use the Wrong Fluids in Your Car?

Funny you brought that up T-Rex. Several people here recommended mil spec hydraulic fluid that you can get at your local small airport, so I tried that. In addition to creating the perfect environment for deadly bacteria, water doesn’t clean as well as washer fluid does and is subject to freezing. Others like many german cars uses a special hydraulic fluid such as a CHF11S certification typically made by Pentosin. I own a Ford F whose power steering leaks like a sieve.

It’s also available to subscribers of www. It is called LHM.

Your Power steering system is a hydraulic system. If in doubt call the dealer or check the owners manual. He services all sorts of cars not just Hondas.

Consumers should check their owner’s manual before they top off any fluids under the hood of their car, Champion said. Hydraulic jack oil would work too.

You will not be “assisting” your tranny with anything if you change the PS fluid. A Chevy probably takes the standard junk at Napa. Extreme temperatures may cause ATF to thicken.

Yes and no…like all the other answers state it comes down to 2 things OEM specifications and compatibility of the system…. The brand xextron motor oil matters little, but its viscosity grade 10W, for example is important. Can power steering fluid be used in place of hydraulic fluid?


He recommended 32 hydraulic oil, been using it for years. The over the top price of sea star oil and the no warranty reasons are just smoke and mirrors to justify the price.

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So go for it. Sea star will wash thier hands ov U if ya don’t use thier oil, but sumtimes a much cheeper substitute works az well, and sumtimes even better BOSS Fluid, milspec is a zinc free specially formulated fluid that is commonly used in aircrafts.

The fluid broke down rapidly less than 40, milesas the tolerance in the system is low. A good friend of mine told me that he also uses automatic transmission fluid in his hydraulic steering system.