Chrissy , May 15, I owned the former and played various of the latter and I think there is little common ground. Yeah – how’s the intonation these days? IvIark 11 September at Thinking about purchasing the ‘joy ride’ pedal by divided by 13 as an overdriver to push an 18 watt marshall and a 5 watt supro. Let me know if this works. And I don’t know which..

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Posted by IvIark at The Colorsound Overdriver is a very popular effect, so it’s unlikely to be the circuit design.

So I made this, and I’m assuming it’s a mistake i’ve made as any layouts I’ve done from your site have been correct and this seems verified. Were you looking at the schematic or the photos of the pots? Thank you for your input, however, flipping 22uf didn’t work: Also found out that this schematic doesn’t have nf between BASS 1 and 3.

Mike 11 September at I think at this point you will need to take some high resolution photos of your build to see if someone here can spot an obvious flaw. Maybe it’s a bad solder joint or solder bridge. The Honeybee has a lo-fi thing going on that made my rig sound smaller part of the goal I think and has a more limited range of gain.

Divided by 13 – Joy Ride Pedal – Any thoughts?

Home Forums Recent Posts. Hi, Looking at the schematic from the topic referred to above http: And I don’t know which. Try flipping the 22 uF capacitor on the rightmost side of the vero around so the negative colodsound is up and the positive side down.


OverdriveVerifiedVero. Could somebody give me the HFE of 2na they used as well as some voltage readings? The Gear Page is run by musicians overdrriver musicians. The one I still own is the ProAnalog.

Pavlos 7 February at All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. IvIark 3 September at Doesn’t look like anything obvious.

No it’s not part of the polarity protections mate, they’re difided next to each other in the schematic. The positive side should be connected to the collector of Q3, per the original schematic.

Regarding the last post that mentioned TIM and Honeybee. Treble and bass do what you’d expect with decent amount of travel to shape the tone, and though the overall character is Like a lot of drive circuits can be a little bit thin and scratchy on a totally clean amp, as soon as you get into something that will break up when you dig in then it’s more into it’s element, nice and responsive to playing dynamics and even when the gain is up around it still cleans up pretty well from the guitar down to a nice just over the edge of breakup sound.

Thanks for the advice aldo – i may have to pass on the pedal and continue the search.


Guitar FX Layouts: Divided by 13 Joyride

It won’t be an extreme overdrive at all, unless you crank the drive all the way up, then it gets fuzzy. Both methods with prevent the fireworks. It’s still just a PS filter cap and 47u seems a pretty common value for this even if a bigger cap would do a better job. If you get a chance to try different companies then there are enough differences in them to make it worth comparing.

Another one I enjoyed testing for quite a while so looks like it’ll be another one that’ll be getting boxed up: Well to start with the gain range was still rubbish All stacked up from around 8 or 9 upwards just like on the coloursound and not very usable until I experimented with swapping the gain pot, ultimately settling for a 2K lin, and now it’s a nice steady sweep all the way from not quite completely clean all the way through to full on drive, same with the volume, found again that 2k lin gave the best results here as well.

Oh and that 22u cap is see through simply because it goes slightly over another component.

The schematic shows a K drive pot and 10K Volume as per my layout.