In this window you can deactivate a stereo bus for each stereo output. It is not possible to change DeviceMixing setttings after you have launched your audio application s. You can output via the 1 card 8 channels in ADAT and at the same time 8 channels of analog, but once again it is the same 8 output streams. Mixer button under the menu , you can set the volume for each playback and input channel independandly. Please check these settings from time to time. If you just use the analog outputs, the selected samplerate and the Reset Rate After Play option are not important when the card is not used by your software at the moment.

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Device Settings The Device Settings tab controls the options needed for playback and recording. Clock Settings The Clock Settings tab, controls the samplerate of the card. WaveOut n — plays audio data through the Internal Mixer which will be audible only on the analog output of the card.

ST Audio – Professional Recording Equipment

If you select Internal Master Clock defaultthe clock generator on the card will generate the samplerate. Presets The External Mixer allows you to save four presets for quick access. This runs 12 hours a day every day without problems, that shows you how stable the drivers are on the NT platforms. Basically, you can set Buffers in Playback Queue as 4.


When the option is enabled, your software csp24 only work with the selected samplerate. If you get a dialog box about a missing driver signature, you can ignore it and just select Continue installation. The driver files are now copied to your system.


The included Logic SoundTrack24 software from Emagic allows you to use the card for professional recording without additional software. When you look at this package and see the price you will agree.

DSP24 ADAT PC Card | #

Basically, every stereo input or output channel of the card can be used like a normal soundcard using the corresponding devices. Larger buffers could prevent this. This even allows you to use GSIF software that was designed to run separatly on a system without other software parallel to other audio programs. Remove the external computer cover.

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Hoontech DSP 24 ADAT

We guarantee you uncompromising quality, as well as excellent technical and audio properties at an extremely affordable price. This is especially important if your external device that is connected to the digital output of the card, is synced to the DSP24 card.

Please note that the installation process is different, depending on the version of Windows you are using. The next dialog is displayed to confirm the correct selection.

Inside the Matrox specific options you can find a setting called Busmastering – please disable it. Secondly, a recent version of the VIA 4-in-1 driver we recommend at least v4. Some older audio applications will use this driver to access multiple channels on soundcards. A buffer size that is too small may result in clicks or drop outs in the audio signal.


As for outputs all outputs are active at the same time. It is not recommended to change this setup often, as the different applications will also save the channel assignments internally.

Under Audio Data Handling you can determine if the card allows you to playback and record with a bit-depth that is higher than the converter resolution displayed above. The main difference is it cannot have the external boxes added and it has unbalanced ins and outs on gold plated RCA’s Make sure you are using the correct directory! If you are prompted to do anything this would be unusualplease follow the directions on screen.

You can use this section to play Windows sounds, or the metronome from a sequencer. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Additionally, the card provides an ASIO 2.

This means that any application that attempts to use the driver at a different sample rate will show an error message.