After a day of trying everything I could think of I took the board back to Fry’s and got another one. I just realized you probably have the ECS motherboard since you’re posting to this thread brain’s tired at 5: Other people have apparently done the exact same thing and not had any problems. Terms and Conditions apply. Another quibble relates to the memory slots, whose release levers do a poor job of releasing the memory modules from their slots. Dec 25, Posts:

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The trend continued through Socket A and famously with Slot 1 and Socket Tue Es 13, 3: The monitor puts itself in sleep mode because it doesn’t get any signal at all. What you’re not seeing is the ECS plague, the random blue screens and lockups you get from them.

The Budget Gaming Board: ECS nForce4-A939

After a day of trying everything I could think of I took the board back to Fry’s and got another one. It comes with two bios chips, so that should help me stay out of trouble.


If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Thu Nov 17, 1: Get to Know Us.

Don’t search, I nforce4a-939 choose the driver to install. I didn’t do a fresh XP install. ECS has been no help at all. I’ve downloaded the 1.

Sometimes it’s very quiet for several hours, then it starts to rattle or vibrate, I don’t know. Dec 25, Posts: When I turn on the system I just get a black screen with nothing on it. How long until that cheap NB-fan on your A decided to go on “vacation”?

And maybe these boards are just bad enough that a certain percentage of the flashes result in dead boards. My thanks to everyone that replied to my problem. Bottom Line All things considered, this board is a great performer, but we found some of its physical features to be awkward.

Originally posted by sumit Learn more about Amazon Prime. Maybe the bios on their website only works with some of the boards.

My ECS board will probably just go in the closet, because it’s only worth about as much as it would nforxe4-a939 to get a new bios chip. The floppy drive port is located along its bottom edge of the board just under the last PCI slot, which makes it difficult to access if the board has already been mounted. Select the Device Manager, then expand the Computer item.


ECS NFORCE4-A() Bios g Driver – TechSpot

They simply cannot make a motherboard which isn’t plagued by problems. I’d have thought people would have learned their lesson by now. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. As soon as my system rebooted I got the black screen. And this is from the readme file: This doesn’t include marginal boards which give the occasional crash. Jul 1, Posts: If you rule out those, it leaves the board to blame. Thu Dec 15, 1: Plug a Barton into a board expecting Palomino, it’d work.

I haven’t seen an exclusive relationship between processor load and the rattling though.