Bausch + Lomb has launched its new enVista glistening-free, hydrophobic acrylic IOL. The enVista lens represents a significant step forward in IOL technology. Bausch + Lomb announced the introduction of the enVista MX60E with StableFlex technology, the company’s next-generation hydrophobic. In mid, the Food and Drug Administration approved the enVista hydrophobic acrylic IOL (Bausch + Lomb). This lens is the only.

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enVista IOL | Personal Eyes

And lastly, this monofocal IOL is truly glistenings-free which is highly valuable when referring optometrists see these patients in the postoperative comanagment period. Enviista material that does not scratch on loading, inserting etc Of the 15 IOLs with glistenings graded higher than trace, 14 93 percent had been in the eye for more than one year.

Inclusion of advertising materials on the website thereof, does not constitute and representation or guarantee by Beye LLC of the quality of such products, or of the claims made. To date, I have only needed to YAG eight eyes, which corresponds to a 3.

enVista IOL

Company Information Contact the company for additional information, availability, or pricing: Heiner, the eenvista centers well once it is inserted into the capsular bag. Physician burnout appears to be on the rise. Patients are happy with the visual outcomes.


The Brightness Acuity Tester ioo was just more than one-half line lower than the Snellen acuity. Glistenings have also been known to reduce contrast sensitivity no longer an issue with this lens implant. I selected an enVista IOL model MX60 for its zero spherical aberration, and the lens was easily implanted in the capsular bag. Step-vaulted haptics vault the optic posteriorly for direct contact with the capsular bag.

I encourage other ophthalmologists to give it a trial. After decades of not much change, microscopes are beginning to change the way surgeons operate. Stephenson has implanted 50 lenses to date.

Early Users Share the enVista Experience

They have been found in many lens types, but have been found most frequently in hydrophobic acrylic IOLs, which are the most commonly implanted lens type in the United States and Australia. Although great care is taken to ensure that all information is accurate, it is recommended that readers seek independent verification of advice on drugs and other product usage, surgical techniques and clinical processes prior to their use.

The viscoelastic can be easily removed from behind the optic during the controlled unfolding of the enVista IOL. Multiple factors continue to push ASCs to the forefront as a better alternative to the hospital.


Image courtesy Peter Heiner, MD. The aspheric aberration-free optic allows for pristine postop visual outcomes and is especially helpful in post laser vision correction patients. The enVista can be inserted through a 2.

Early Users Share the enVista Experience

Optic Diameter mm 6. Jones, MD Jason J. I love this lens because it’s stable and very easy lol put in the eye. Find a Job Post a Job. Nice and good visual outcomes. Contact Us About Beye. Additionally, the enVista ebvista is designed to minimize posterior capsular opacification, which is a common post-surgical complication with IOLs.

Trending in Cataract Surgery Powered by: Allows for very easy viscoelastic removal under the IOL. All of those 25 patients are within 0.

The enVista is the best io, IOL without any vacuoles. Images courtesy Peter Heiner, MD. The lens is scratch free so technicians loading the lens cannot even accidentally put a scratch in the optic. The enVista lens two weeks postoperatively. When loaded just before insertion it unfolds very quickly, but controlled.

The material does not scratch upon loading. The information contained on Beye.

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