Does this mean external resistance? It stands for P ower I ntegrated M odule. Please contact any of these companies for details. The data sheet contains a characteristic graph describing double the rated voltage and rated current under the condition of maximum continuous operation temperature T j op. Avoid storage under load, and secure a location with little temperature fluctuation. For details, refer to Application Manual Chapter 5.

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PC k is the power cycle life for the k-th temperature gatf. A higher frequency will increase the switching loss, leading to a problem with the junction temperature. The data sheet contains a characteristic graph describing double the rated voltage and rated current under the condition of maximum continuous operation temperature T j op.

It is effective when achieving a lower T j max. SiC has a wider ugbt width compared to silicon, and is expected to become the next-generation power device material for high-temperature operation, high-speed switching, low power-loss, and high withstand-voltage applications. Is it always expedient to use the gate resistance R G value indicated in the data sheet? Fuji provides a free software to calculate the IGBT losses. It represents an external resistance. What thermal grease precautions should we be aware of?

Fuji IGBTs – Semiconductors

A low thermal resistance in a certain product may be due to a larger semiconductor chip size, or the use of a ceramic insulating substrate with good thermal conductivity. SiC devices are the focus of attention as next-generation semiconductors that offer superior characteristics in areas such as high withstand-voltage, high-temperature, and high-frequency operations.


What is the case temperature T c? Is there any quick way to determine the quality of IGBT before mounting?

IGBT Modules

What are the points we need to be aware of when determining the gate resistance R G? Is it possible to get a product which is not in the catalog? The thermal resistance value may differ even in the same rating, when comparing different families of products made by Fuji Electric or other companies. At the same time, applying too little will increase the contact thermal resistance because thermal grease will not have good contact in some spots between the fins and module for bonding.

Product warranty and support are provided if products have been purchased from our distributors or an authorized dealer. This may damage the IGBT. Junction temperature is the temperature at joints on a semiconductor chip.

Thermal destruction will result from the current concentrating on the relevant part of the chip, or increased fui resistance. Does this mean external resistance?


Some of the ways to suppress this problem are as follows: What is the meaning of each item in the IGBT data sheet? What does PIM mean? Please keep the sponge on the module at the time of storage. NTC N egative T emperature C oefficient Thermistor is an electronic component whose resistance fuij while the temperature increases. Please consider that there will be a reduced device withstand voltage and peripheral component capacitor, control circuit characteristics under low temperature before use.

Fuji Semiconductor

Case temperature” section in the data sheet. What is the diode’s I 2 t? It may result in package degradation. For a welding device or medical equipment it might be necessary to use switching frequencies of 20 kHz or higher, therefore we recommend a high-speed standard 2in1 module or W-series discrete IBGT.

How do I get a sample? For details on application methods, refer to Application Manual Chapter How is the capacitor C of the snubber circuit to be determined?