Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. To get the page title use getTitle method of driver. Wild Cards usage in XPath aacm. Using getOptions to get all the options available in Multi-Selection Box field aafu. So each and every web page had test scenarios with the different page title. Email Required, but never shown. Relative CSS Selector path aadg.

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Using selectByValue command to select the list option from the Multi Select Box field using the specified value aaez. When you use contains on a string, that will verify contents of the string character by character irrespective of their addresses. Difference between close and quit Selenium WebDriver commands aaeh. This is more of a Java programming question than a QA question.

How to verify title of any web page in Selenium WebDriver?

So each and every web page had test scenarios with the different page title. Using getAttribute “value” method with drop down field aafn.


Introduction to JUnit aaai.

How to verify title of any web page in Selenium WebDriver? Using getTitle to retrieve the title of the page aaga. Using selectByValue command with Drop Down field aafd. Avinash Mishra is the author of Inviul blog. Locate UI elements by Link aaay. Absolute CSS Selector path aadf. Locating elements using By. Thus, we used verify title technique as a checkpoint.

Using clear command to clear a Text Area field aaeg.

How to get the web page title from selenium webdriver? – Stack Overflow

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Implementing JUnit Annotations aaam. Using getText to retrieve the elements text aagb. Using clear webdrlver to clear a text box field aaef.

Using click predefined method for selecting a check box option aabg. Using click for clicking a link aafj.

SeleniumTwo: Using getTitle( ) method for retrieving the Title of the page

Using click – predefined method to select a radio button aabf. Hence in this case first we verified title with the expected title. It entirely depends on the discretion of the test engineer and requirement of the project. ChromeOptions to configure Chrome Sessions in Selenium. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. We can also use If-statement to compare actual and expected web page title.


Using sendKeys command for entering text into a text box field aaec.

Sign up using Facebook. Introduction to CSS selectors aadc. Using isMultiple with Multi-Selection Box field aafr. Assert ; import org. Clicking the Link by locating it using XPath Statement aada. Post as a guest Name.