After a night tried to switch on , same problem. Without changing out the power supply then your choice of video will be limited to the amperage rating of your power supply’s 12 volt buss. Message 3 of Processors OK , but I saw that the fan of the videocard was not running. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

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You have a standard ATX power supply.

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I had the exact same problem. More than watts is probably a waste but look at the 12 volt amperage rating. The problem is the fan, it has too much friction, also in my case I thought problem solved but it occurs from time to time. Yet the video card temp reads C during use of World of Warcraft.

Message 5 of Message 7 of Your PC has a watt power supply. I took the graphics card out the PC I was not able to remove the heatsink and fan. I was able to take it apart clean it up and get it turning freely. Now however, it is happening during use. My conclusion is something wrong with the fan or the control. I’m leaning toward the new card knowing that you are also having the same problem.


Here’s the problem, when the computer is running the the screen goes dark, but the pc continues to run.

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I reboot and the same problem again. Message 3 of This topic has been archived. Then for 96000gs after that the computer keeps doing this at various times during the boot sequence. This is not a software problem, it cant be.

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After your post, I removed the drive and the PC was working for a while. It worked, I installed Speedfan to check the temperature. I’m thinking I want to put a bigger power supply in instead of the watt that’s in there now.

Note on archived topics.

The PC shuts down to a sort of sleeping statepower light stays on. Message 4 of It is an nylon axe so there is a lot of friction. Message 8 of Message 6 of It’s probably not more than 18 amps.

Could all of this be because of heat?


By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. About a month ago, I had bought a 2TB media drive and had plugged it it for backups.

I’ve noticed that when I first boot up, the monitor stays on for about 5 minutes then goes off. I wouldn’t recommend dual video cards in a small cabinet as there might be too much heat.

I had a suspicion that it had something to do with the temperature because for a couple of months I heard that a fan was turning very unregularly. Very cumbersum I have not checked which new card I couls use but you have to be very careful which type, it has to fit with your power supply.