When it comes to creating fantastic cities, you don’t need an eldritch tome crackling with power; you only need GURPS Thaumatology: Urban Magics. Building. Board Games · Home · Recent Additions · Welcome · Wiki. Subdomains. All · Abstract Games · Customizable Games · Children’s Games · Family Games · Party. We’ve limited ourselves to GURPS Magic, but those who have. Grimoire should feel free Thaumatology skill and all spells include +3 for Magery. . Advantages: We offer a choice: Patron, Status and Wealth for successful urban alchemists.

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Chapter 2, nine pages long, is about building magic characters in such a setting. Gift Certificates fnord23 Contact Us. Wow, that chapter title has a bunch of articles.

Class is about to begin! The final chapter is guidance especially for the GM to manage and build up a campaign from the fantasy urban setting, fixtures, and tropes.

Tap the power of sacred architecture, urban divination, or ley lines. Written by William H. What systems of yrban would be fitting for a street gang?

GURPS Thaumatology | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In a fantasy setting, mages might not even be the most interesting denizens of a city, and this chapter offers a lot of really cool ideas to chew on. Thaumatology – Urban Magics.

Almost a dozen new templates with varied magical abilities, including suggestions for making them more or less powerful. Building on ideas from GURPS Fantasy and taking full advantage of the possibilities opened by GURPS Thaumatologythis volume explores the distinctive nature of urban magic — how magical groups are organized, what magical practices a city supports, how cities make magic more effective, and how magic makes cities work better.

I do appreciate the book recommendations at the very end though. For example, the first template includes lenses for an Entertainer, Firefighter, Healer, Messenger, Purifier, and Verifier of Testimony. Just ignoring the mechanics for the moment, thinking about magicians fulfilling such “mundane” jobs gets the creativity engine firing on multiple cylinders.


GURPS Thaumatology

It helps the GM think of and answer questions like: Five types of magic specific to cities: The previous chapter was more about thaimatology elements for magic enabled by the urban environment. Written by William H.

This was one of the more captivating chapters again, maybe because I like the idea of looking at magic in a systematic organized way and that’s basically what this chapter is all about enabling.

Yeah, bumping this up the ‘need to get’ list a bit. It includes some new spells dedicated to the concept of ley lines for the vanilla magic system, a lot of new divination abilities. What does it mean in a urnan where supernatural occurrences are common and blatant to make deals with ghosts? So it has some suggested mechanics for what to do when building with girders of essential steel, or forging with essential fire.

GURPS Thaumatology: Urban Magics | Reviews | Forum | BoardGameGeek

Maybe they don’t need a series? The final chapter, six pages long, is guidance for putting together adventures and campaigns. Organization is what it is; there is no especially meaningful way to organize this content one way or another, but as usual, there is an index if you need it. Most templates have a similar sized pool of lenses. The mechanics are good enough to be used as is, but they are slightly thin, for better customization or worse too abstract.

Urban Magics ugrps what you need! What series would they go in if not Thaumatology? Lights, water, power, and sewage — there’s nothing magic can’t handle! Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical thaumatolohy digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.

There is a bit of mechanical detail here, and the mechanical detail offered is actually really cool in my opinion, but that isn’t the star of this show.

I guess, the idea is important, but there is no instruction manual for making the perfectly interesting or character building extra details that make a city special.


An Institute of Flyer Learning The university represents the formative years in the lives of many — and that can go doubly so for mages! Privacy Policy Contact Us. Posted by Benjamin Gauronskas at 3: In fantasy tales, cities can be safe havens, goals of quests, or places to visit along the way. Chapter 1, 5 pages long, speaks to the daily life in a magic city.

Sean Punch

Newer Post Older Post Home. For example, what would a fhaumatology that could be powered by magic be like? When it comes to creating fantastic cities, you don’t need an eldritch tome crackling with power; you only need GURPS Thaumatology: This book is most heavily geared towards guidance, but everything else has a more often than unusual appearance – data, content, rules, and fluff, but the type of fluff that isn’t a predetermined setting, more like pieces of fluff you can pick and choose and lay out on your fluff canvas as you desire.

Oh well, with that introduction out of the way, let’s dive in. It talks about the idea of thaumatolpgy and magic clashing, and has some suggestions for implementing rules around it.

Learn about mayics real-world historical workings of a medieval university — thaumatologt classes were held, who taught them and how, and who took them. To die with debt? The chapter ends with a few adventure prompts, always fun to read, but I don’t think I’ve ever used them. Indeed, magical metropolises have served as settings for entire fantasy campaigns, where the heroes can find arcane adventure by going out their own front doors. Is magic a secret?

The chapter ends with a section on Spirit Transactions. The university represents the formative years in the lives of many — and that can go doubly so for mages!

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