This is the same for any laptop. Calculating to 2 million digits is our benchmark:. Release 11 Disk 1 of 18 2. This means that when you turn your computer on it will sit and wait for you to scan your finger before it will even start to boot. Ironically, Dell made the for all of six months before ending its production. ThinkVantage Password Manager 4. Using the built-in IBM Access Connections application makes it very easy to find networks and manage various wireless connection profiles.

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ThinkPad T43 left-side view larger image. Client Security Solution 7. Their support department is in Atlanta, Georgia. Eventually we organized that he was to ship it to my work, but he left me without a cuipset number with which to contact him about it. However, a fan is of course necessary after a point.

The screen quality and brightness is middle of the road. Since the ThinkPad T43 is intended for and targeted at business buyers, continuing on this look is just perfect.

The T43 can be configured with a built-in fingerprint reader on the right side to provide biometric security. We also have an S-Video output port available. The only possible problem with this adapter is the lack of The list of little features and utilities built into the T43 goes on and on.

Settling for the smaller sized screen results in a smaller overall footprint, less weight and longer battery life and so is better for someone that desires to be more mobile. Windows Vista update module KB – Notebooks With the pointing stick the cursor goes exactly where you want it, and if it begins to act funny and not go where you want it to, simply let go and the machine recalibrates the pointing stick automatically.


The TrackPoint navigation chioset a pointing stick, touchpad and multiple mouse buttons lets you choose your favorite way to navigate the cursor on the screen. Above the main keyboard are a few hardware buttons: This is the same for any laptop. ThinkVantage Client Security Solution 8.

ThinkPad T43 Specifications

If you are at work, where a secure password is much more important for a computer, a forgotten password insinuates a call to the IT department and lost time. I had the screen brightness just above half 4 bars out of 7 and wi-fi was on.

Actually using the finger reader is relatively easy. Rescue and Recovery – Master boot record repair kit T43 Design Aside from the new fingerprint reader optionalwe find that the design for the T43 does not deviate from previous T4X models.

Pros The best keyboard around, combined with TrackPoint navigation allows for easy use and input Tough case titanium reinforced plastic and rugged design, yet still thin-and-light Using finger scanner as a substitute for password logon makes for easy yet secure protection of your account. The keyboard is as near perfect as a laptop keyboard tjinkpad be.

ThinkPad T43 Specs – CNET

Client Security Solution 8. Calculating to 2 million digits is our benchmark:. Just slide the end of your finger over the reader, and if it does not read right the software will actually coach you to move your finger to the right or left. Ironically, Dell made the for all of six months before ending its production.


IBM ThinkPad T43 Review (pics, specs)

The screen cover for the ThinkPad T42 is constructed of magnesium alloy and prevents any screen flexing. However, in the future, I will probably be buying the extended 9-cell battery for those occasions where I am away from a power outlet for an extended period of time.

Each keyboard key is firm and has excellent travel, and each key feels individual. Conclusion If what you are looking for is a highly durable yet light laptop, with great performance, great usability and from a company that will provide good service and support, then the ThinkPad T43 is the hand that fits the glove.

As soon as you start using the T42 a wizard pops-up to guide you through setting up biometric security view larger image. Not so with any ThinkPad, the keyboard is solid with zero rattle chipsft zero flex. The battery included with the T43 is a standard 6-cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.

Thjnkpad a 45 degree horizontal viewing angle things are very readable and viewable still, and even from a full 90 degree viewing angle horizontally I am able to read text on web pages and in MS Word.