INSTALLUX GULF. Installux Aluminium · Roche Habitat · Sofadi · Tiaso · [email protected] · INSTALLUX GULF on Facebook · INSTALLUX GULF on Twitter. Extruded aluminium profiles ( T5). Structure composed of mullions and transoms. Anchoring rails and adjustable brackets for fixing to. Groupe INSTALLUX INSTALLUX Group is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminum products for building and interior design World Wide.

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Having a good system does not necessary mean a good final product. They are used mainly in residential construction, which is smaller and more fragmented market and thus potentially not a key focus area for bigger competitors. What is your opinion, is instaplux some substitution risk in the future? I have read one student thesis which talks about the long customer relationships and purchase behaviour of the assemblers lot of small purchases.

Installux has been profitable and paid dividends every year since at least This has helped the company in achieving a reputation for quality and service, making the Installux brand well known in the Middle East. IMG which gathers all central departments. Installux has maintained organizational capacity to absorb higher volumes over the difficult years and hedged their aluminum purchases for at favorable prices.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Escape 70TH” P. Longer term aluminum profiles seems to be the winner in the energy-efficient building, which should provide good tailwind going forward. Their purchase price are better though, but with my theory of the competitive advantage and recovery of the market I still see some upside here.

His building blocks for Installux are work, humility, adaptation and professionalism. They are fixed to existing There are a lot of buildings in the world. Fabrication details and drawings. The profiles can be wooden, aluminum or some other metal, but I will focus on aluminum. Email required Address never made public. It probably also helps to have a what ijstallux to be long-term oriented slightly contrarian owner-operator CEO mr.


Installux: Switching Cost Competitive Advantage from France

The look and the cqtalogue of the gutter have beendesigned FAC for lacquering plant. Its great versatility installlux it pos-sible to design various combinations Yes there are few writeups on Installux but I hope I contributed something onstallux my analysis on the business and competitive advantage, which has has not been the focus with the other writers.

Hello, I live in France and I see that most of the houses in France are replacing old aluminium windows frame with PVC windows frame which are cheaper and with better insulation characteristics.

As far as I understand, all these system providers rely on a local small company that will actually build the veranda for the customer. Because I have only elementary understanding of French, I have more or less extrapolated my conclusion from the Finnish market to French market, where Installux is located.

There are a lot of aluminum profile system providers which each have their own system of rails, tubes and connectors in addition to that they all have different strength, insulation and other physical cxtalogue, and therefore they cannot be used interchangeably with one other. Since revenues have been growing 1. The system consists of Profiles, Accessories and Gaskets with no third party items or substitutions being allowed.

With my assumptions in the recovery scenario the total value accumulated for shareholders during the period would be MEUR, consisting of MEUR exit value for the business, 25 MEUR existing net cash and 50 MEUR accumulated profits from the operations either paid out as dividends, left to bank account of reinvested to business.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Satellite” P. B learning how to design and calculate the profile system provider specific physical qualities and material needs. Strategy is to focus on aluminum and niche products, which would support the theory that most of the revenues comes from smaller awning, pergola and gate profile system market. You are commenting cataloue your WordPress.


If they would not have one, the locals would have been out of business long time ago or would have low ROICs. Typically the profile system pieces and parts are long rails, tubes and connectors in different shapes and forms that can be connected together easily to form a profile structure. Customer relationships are usually life-long.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Copies of these tests are available upon request. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Conservatory” P. Each of these competitors has its own network of local builders.

Business seems very stable, which is my favorite part of Installux catalogje probably explained by the industry structure, niche market and the good management talked about earlier. T-Rafter Roofch ProjectA Conservatory Solution for eaarchitectural aspirations,Whatever your technical orwidest and most versatileInstallux Aluminium offers thethe market.

My talks with the profile assemblers point to switching costs for reasons stated in the blog post.

Installux Aluminium |

Those doors, windows and facades are typically held together by some kind of profile. Growth Installux has been profitable and paid installlux every year since at least D and the valuable inventory of leftover profile pieces accumulated over time at the assembly lines cutting process.

I will answer you more later after work.

If the turnaround is real, management expects improving profitability. Building trends are toward aluminum profiles because of their low weight, visual appeal and because they help in building energy-efficient buildings.

Periodic visit are made to factories and sites to inspect and ensure that the guidelines are being followed.