However, we are running at the “Good” setting as opposed to bare minimum detail settings:. Our final integrated graphics game benchmark is HAWX. The Clarkdale processor package contains two dies: In addition, the Pentium and Celeron versions do not have SMT , and they can only use a reduced amount of third-level cache. Org driver to the xfvideo-intel 2. This was with the same system components aside from switching to the xfvideo-ati 6.

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This is an Unreal Engine 3 based game. AMD is going to be shipping its 8-series chipsets later in the year and perhaps that will change things. The performance is also halfway respectable.

Log in Don’t have an account? The Linux graphics tests we ran in this article included p H. Views Read Edit View history. It’s still much more power efficient than the equivalent from AMD. This was with the same system components aside from switching to the xfvideo-ati 6.

Clarksfield, Arrandale, and the Calpella Platform”. Integrated graphics has never been good regardless of the manufacturer. However, we are running at the “Good” setting as opposed to bare minimum detail settings: As was mentioned in a previous posting intrl, the Clarkdalf graphics processor does work with recent Linux distributions and there actually has been open-source support even 3D prior to the availability of the hardware.

The Clarkdale Review: Intel’s Core i5 661, i3 540 & i3 530

If you’re building something with integrated graphics, you want it to be a Clarkdale. Intel integrated graphics is now just called Intel HD Graphics. This is a huge improvement over G45, but definitely not what I would consider playable. Clarkdale is the code name for an Intel processor, initially sold as desktop Intel Core i5 and Core i3 and Pentium.


Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products

All integrated GPUs regardless of vendor, pretty much suck. Also found on the Clarkdale and mobile Arrandale processors is an integrated 45nm graphics processor that is supposed to offer a decent level of performance in comparison to earlier Intel IGPs normally found on the motherboard’s Chipset. In this article are these clarkdald Intel benchmarks for the Clarkdale graphics processor as we see how its open-source Intel driver stack compares to that of AMD with their open-source Radeon stack up through the Radeon R series.

On the software side was an Ubuntu In this case I ran Batman at x with all quality options set to low. Page 1 of 5. This support is not perfect as it was common to run into GPU crashes as mentioned in the aforementioned postingbut we have found out this issue is not specific to Clarkdale but is also occurring for some others using an updated Intel Linux driver stack.

Graphics Downloads for Intel® Pentium® or Intel® Celeron® Processor

Org driver to the xfvideo-intel 2. In fact, the support process began months ago. Intel has taken a significant step forward with its integrated graphics.


Intel is technically the leader here though. Importantly, gra;hics the memory controller in Clarkdale processors is on-package, it is on a separate die from the CPU cores, and thus has increased latency compared to processor architectures which integrate it on-die with the main CPU cores. World of Warcraft is a very important title to perform well under and unfortunately Intel loses this one to AMD. Compiz and just using the desktop seemed to work fine without any crashes during our days of testing.

Graphics Downloads for Intel® Pentium® or Intel® Celeron® Processor

We compared the performance of the Intel Clarkdale graphics using the same system to the following ATI graphics cards with their open-source stack: To test power consumption under load I fired up a p x video using Media Player Classic Home Cinema and measured total system power consumption:. Great, but not as good as Lynnfield Final Words. Retrieved from ” https: Intel has delivered on its promise to take integrated graphics more seriously, and I hope we will see even bigger performance gains with Graphisc Bridge.

The mobile equivalent of Clarkdale is Arrandale.