Stencil – A thin sheet of material into which a design is cut. Satisfy customers quickly, easily, profitably. For more indepth information please check Series Systems or contact Ioline Europe or call for more information. Cut media as thin as paper to materials as dense as sandblast mask. Using a hard surface to insert the blade may damage it. Simply wipe dust and lint off the machine periodically.

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Ioline 100 User Manual

The System cuts roll-fed materials as small as 7 inches on up to a full 25 inches in width. Use Test Cut and gradually increase these settings until the best value is found for the pen being used. No oiling or grease required.

Changes to the computer operating system or the installation of new peripherals or software might 1. The System Cutter After you have used ikline design software to The cutter uses a very sharp blade when cutting. Ioline is not responsible for substandard opera- tional performance as a result of failure to maintain the cutter as described in this User Guide. Send the file directly from the design software following the direc- tions in the documentation or; From the Ioline Control Center: Position the outer-pinchwheels on the material about one inch 2.


The cutter will Always observe the following safety precautions: Internal belts can become loose or worn, ajustments can drift off specification and will show as poor cut quality on occasion. Force values are for starting reference only. The parts can move quickly. Use the Paneling feature in the design software for long designs.

If the system is not working correctly the problem could be with the computer, Possible Cause Solution the cable, the design software, or with the cutter. Open the Ioline Control Center program. Page of 29 Go.

Toggle navigation Top Menu. Turning the foot to add more blade exposure. Ioline is committed to providing the highest quality service and support to its Company Name: Standard serial cables are 3.

The and HF Systems are designed for volume twill cutting and include Software for creating sew disks. Slide the paper roll onto a media roller use the roller as an axle. Refer to the table below for recommended settings for a variety of pen types.

Page 2 Ioline Figure 1. Toggle navigation Main Menu.


Properly adjust blade exposure and force to achieve good cutting results. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Put the cutter in Start mode green LED. Load the cutter with material that is greater than 22 inches wide 60 cm model or greater than 30 inches wide 80 cm or larger models and a minimum of 48 inches long. Drive Shaft – The motor driven shaft that moves material through a friction Acceleration – The rate that a cutter changes the velocity of the carriage or the feed cutter.

From the menu bar select File, Send Cut File.

Ioline Cutting System

Take the average of the horizontal Y values by adding them together and dividing by 2. Joline Minimum Angle – This is the minimum angle for which the machine will Service Loop – Slack material between the material roll and the cutter. Ioline Quick Start Manual 4 pages. Vinyl and heat-applied graphics on-demand.