And above you will see a pair of experimental packs. Win7 x64 is super-critical about signed drivers and will ignore ones that are not signed or improperly signed. Ntamd64] ; added from iteatapi. Please post your HWID’s with your reply. Why not try the RAID driver with a modified. Surely there is a better way, at least post-install.

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For some “outside-of-the-box” it82111, here’s hoping that the following may be an example. Mfg] ; added from iteatapi. This means that it, as a kernel-mode driver, cannot ataa utilized unless driver-signing is turned off, or properly signed. Please login or register. The embedded HWid in silicon may be yet another, as the chip-maker likely had a forward eye it211 make this very idea impossible.

I’m trying to install Windows 7 x64 on an IDE hard drive on an old Abit IB9, which supports IDE disks via the ITE controller, but when I try to load the drivers it refuses to do so, with a message saying “you need to load bit drivers or signed bit drivers”. If you are not familiar with BIOS updates, perhaps skip this as failure can mean the ‘bricking’ of your mobo. I streamlined the v1.


I’m not sure why it doesn’t work other than to echo TechDud’s comments about driver signing. I’ll try to get these in this weekend.

I’m guessing, I have no idea how windows uses the various driver signatures. If anybody can expand upon this or other ideas to solve this issue with IT controllers, please join the forum and raie.

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Surely there is a better way, at least post-install. I’m not so worried, if my theory is correct, the sys file is correctly signed and checked, so my system raic be fine, would you agree? Also wondering if you have the latest BIOS installed. I note that the ‘sys file has an embedded digital signature. I have added it manually during setup with W7 x64, works without problems http: Just follow the instruction there, the only action required is “Integration” http: I was hoping that all one would have to do is install the new intermediate certificate, yet i am probably wrong.

Please post your HWID’s with your reply. This is likely the certificate you would need now using bit. Let us know if you find a driver that works under normal conditions and I’ll add it to the packs.

You may find that signing is OK on a vanilla W7 pre-SP1 install or not, yet i don’t know if that may help. Otherwise, i would simply recommend that this driver be in the Vista-Only folder in the x64 pack, if it is not already. Rqid cannot confirm that this is indeed the latest, nor vouch for it’s validity.


There’s no RAID-5 parity acceleration, but that would be impossible to do in a controller this cheap. You are not logged in.

For the brave, the integration can also be done using DISM, a command line utility included in Win7 after all it is just a matter of adding the driver files to the.

Hi, the thread is a bit old but it seems relevant to my problem, but let me know if you think I should’ve started a new thread.

That driver you referenced from ITE v1. Along with any reply, would you please post your HWid’s? Active topics Unanswered topics.

Win7 x64 is super-critical about signed drivers and will ignore ones that are aya signed or improperly signed. And above you will see a pair of experimental packs. You must login or register to post a reply.