You asked for a picture of my audio preferences. What would be useful is to find one damn person who is using the M-track quad with Reaper and Windows 8. Find More Posts by DarkStar. Cannot get Reaper to work with M-Track Quad interface. Hello lejaz and welcome to these forums.

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Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. So this interface will work fine with Reaper, I guess I just got a lemon. Then when I went to Win 8.

So it’s definitely an issue with the interface.

I installed Ableton Live: Log in or Sign up. I’d go and uninstall the M-Audio driver you currently have, and get the tack one for your device. I’ve read others have had issues. Find More Posts by DarkStar.

M-Track Quad asio driver not present, win 7 x

After making that selection, I was unable to get any sound from the M-Track quad adio any other program e. Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. But why would the tracks not play at all? Anyway can you post pics of your Audio Preferences? I didn’t bother looking up the FiiO e10 not heard of it before but now Asik have: Send a private message to 4x4uk.


M-Track Quad asio driver not present, win 7 x Originally Posted by krm27 1 1 Re suggestion to use the Win7 driver instead of Win8, I went to try this and it turns out the drivers are the same, whichever OS you select, it sends you traxk download the same driver version, so it seems they may by lying i.

Originally Posted by krm I actually have been trying to fix this for 5 months — 5 months without a working interface, since I bought this to replace my FocusRite — during which time all I could do was program MIDI and use internal computer speakers.

So no sound, but it took longer to freeze. Have a look at post 3 here, for example screenshots: So, the problem seems to be between the Quad and my computer, rather than Reaper specifically.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

PS I own this model see pic. I really bought the e10 to use as a DAC for rough mixing and editing in Reaper, but I may have to return it if I can’t find a solution.

Hello lejaz and welcome to these forums. Thank you for your quas reply. I could understand if the tracks played but I got no sound from my monitors because of some setting problem.


I’m listening just fine at the moment in foobar using the e10 as a usb sound card. They all SAY playing, but they don’t move across time, just sit as if paused forever till I hit stop. One thought is that it has to do with my OS, which is Win 8. Weird, but then I’m not that tech-savvy.

Can you help me please? It could be a completely different problem from krm27’s, even though the symptoms are the same. Find More Posts by krm Well, I guess that was naive of me because I’ve now lost more like a week trying to get this Quad working and I’m no closer than I was a week ago.

Luca How does this make you feel?