The Monarch is also known as the Paxar The 7th character of data is ignored and replaced with the bar code check digit. In the Device Options dialog box, pushing the Send To Printer button sends the currently selected options to the printer. The maximum number of fields per label format is between 40 and , but this varies between printer models. The default is the default for the selected Print Mode. Individual workstation printer settings may be configured using File Devices from within the Design or any of the Print applications:

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The hardware license key is not part of the serial interface since it must always be plugged into an LPT parallel port. The No Error Message. The length of the label that can be printed varies by printer and resolution. If images are displayed in Loftware Label Manager label design but do not print, the printer may not moarch enough memory to store the image. If the value set is too small, Loftware Label Manager displays an error message.

When this setting is checked, the printer advances media from the present Top of Form position to the next Top of Form position upon receipt of a Form Feed command, causing a blank form.

Dispense Sensor When enabled, the printer presents each label and waits for the label to be removed before continuing. Tear Off Pause Count Sets the printer to pause after the specified number of pages. Network Port — Included or optional on some printers.


User`s guide | Paxar Monarch 9805 Thermal Label Printer

Otherwise, see 2 below. Open the label in Design, press F6 and the Options button. Form Backup This command instructs the printer to retract the label before printing. Spooled Locally Error message.

Monarch Thermal Barcode/Label Printer

Does not let you retry, the label is not printed. When LSO settings are specified, they will be used to print the specific label.

Font Style Section Opaque The font and its envelope are opaque and blot out any lines or other fields that it overlaps. The custom command option sends printer commands monagch not available in the Loftware Label Manager dialog boxes. Here is how it works. Windows printer configuration changes are applied at the system level. Inverts the entire label, black prints as white, white space prints as black. Many of the settings in the printer do not take effect until the printer is re-booted. The required action depends on the settings of the printer, and is either the removal of the presented label, or the use of a foot pedal.

For example, to switch an advanced printer to 86xx mode, send the custom command: All labels print after the printer is turn back on. If you want the printer to print nearer to the leading edge of the label, decrease the form edge offset. Note that the printer may user a slower print speed than you specify in order to maintain print quality.


If there is a problem communicating with the printer, a corresponding error message is displayed. If it did not come with a cable, consult the printer documentation for cable requirements. 98005 let you retry, the label prints. Advanced Options Section Memory Module If a memory monarfh is attached to the printer, you can select it. Default reference points vary depending upon whether the selected print direction is top or bottom.

However, the result is a 30 dot non-print zone on your supply. If indicators for secondary and tertiary clocks are entered, separate the characters with a comma.

Void Text This is the text that will be printed across the label after write retries fail. For example, a dpi printer allows you to set a value from. Forms Control Section Cut Interval Sets the printer to cut after the specified number of pages requires optional cutter.

When this option is enabled, data is sent directly to the printer without statusing.