I went into Device Mgr and updated the driver, this time choosing “Don’t Search. The software he uses is called capdvhs. You might post your problem on the VLC forums http: I had to use the right-side port on the DVR since the port on the left side didn’t work. Thanks for any help. I messed with Comcast HD on demand and got that to record for about 15 seconds. Stay informed with our newsletter.

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If I stop it using the vlc gui I can start playing the stream as many times as I want with no problem.

I have to reboot to get things working again. I cancelled the driver install for the panel and unknown devices. Surely, both commands do the same thing. I am probably going at this the hard way but it seems to be close. I believe you had to power off the box and press a combination of buttons on the front of the STB.

I’m seriously considering getting an Rhd modded Dish reciever I can’t believe I’ve missed this. Personally i got a fanless Radeonit has double the pipelines of the and costs the same.

How to record shows from a Comcast DVR to a PC

I don’t know if it can be used on. This can result in an endless flood of urgent support calls to IT or AV personnel who often end up taking the blame should things go wrong during an important meeting. The second one is telling you that qv/c found the vlc process and killed it. So when you watch a channel in timeshift mode, the recording program VLC or whatever will place its output in the specified file in GB-PVR’s cache directory so that GB-PVR knows where to look motorila it when it plays mogorola back with its video player.


AV Control Panels do away with these problems by integrating all of the systems into one foolproof control panel for simple, intuitive operation. Thanks for the update on the external recorder WTG.

Log in or register to post comments. You might post your problem on the VLC forums http: This is not very common but happens occasionally. The command file takes 2 args from the external recorder, the filenamewithoutextension and directory args; make sure to put quotes around them in GBPVR so you get them as two args not a succession of 10 args.

I ‘m now able to get channel. I had one set up where I used firewire for unencrypted HD and then used my Fusion Gold to capture s-video for the encrypted channels not even using its HD capabilities and it worked but tended to explode on occasion so I gave up there.

I also added the channel. I’m also working on a “customized” version of External Recorder so it will support a VLC recording service I’ve developed.

Send Motorola DVR shows to a PC via Firewire | DVRplayground

I found dctrecorde earlier and had the same problem. The Stop Recording Executable is primarily intended for running an app to post-process the file you’ve just recorded comskip, etc. And like you said getting the filename into the batch file is what took a little time.


Technological breakthroughs have enabled new functionality to greatly improve the user experience. I can have VLC open viewing the firewire data real-time and change the channel without trouble, but perhaps VLC is more sensitive when writing it’s output to a MPG file as I was doing last night. I was able to open a dosbox and type channel 2 10 to change to channel Besides this, the company captured 28, lbs of waste diversion which is being included in their sustainability report.

I only got it to work once or twice the other day and just haven’t had the chance to mess with it. As far as I know you would still have dct64122 same problem you are describing.

How to record shows from a Comcast DVR to a PC | Ricky Says

Well I get the same freeze issue with the recorder. All I did to set up ExternalRecording was to install the plugin and create another capture source like normal. For timeshift mode, the recording executable will continue recording until the user exits from the video player or switches channels when GB-PVR will tell External Recorder to kill the recorder app.