Of course if you’re buying in volumes big enough like Apple , then anyone will build you whatever you like; that makes finding upgrade parts difficult, so MyDigitalSSD is specifically targeting that market. Monday, January 28, BP3 covers both the 2. The firmware on the drive was stable and relatively fast, two of the three key traits we look for in a SSD. The third key characteristic we look for is price, the BP3’s strongest attribute. Their products are always solid when it comes to reliability so when a new update is available, it usually comes with some type of performance increase.

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Now I’m getting an error “failed!

The new Mydigitalesd product line received quite a performance boost from the new firmware update. We don’t often see such form factors used but there are laptops that rely on some of these uncommon SSD solutions.

Tuesday, May 21, They generally don’t come with exciting packaging or with a lot of exotic accessories. In your email, please note that you’re looking for those specific instructions and we’ll be happy to send a tutorial over. Even manufacturing can be outsourced so basically what you’re left with is distribution and marketing. That is why we don’t re-test every SSD every time a new firmware hit the market. Give us a bl3, toll free atto set mydiitalssd an RMA and we’ll be happy to help with the issue.


MyDigitalSSD SMART & BP3 mSATA SSD Review

These drives are almost exclusively tucked under your notebook keyboard or if you’re lucky, a bottom panel in your ultrabook. Windows 7 backup tutorial coming soon.

The BP3 just got a myidgitalssd larger bang. For those people, the BP3 was probably a game changer, OK Monday, February 4, Saturday, January 19, Of the thousand BP3 drives already shipped, only one was returned as defective.

It is an easy fix, but unfortunately we would have to do it for you. While compatible with other solid state drives featuring the Phison S8 controller, My Digital Discount will not be held responsible for errors made on drives other than MyDigitalSSD, if any occur. What is more interesting at least from a novelty standpoint is the BP3 “Bullet Proof 3”. Myydigitalssd seen in the ATTO tests below, the difference in buffered write speeds are significantly increased.

MyDigitalSSD BP3 GB mSATA SSD Revisited – Firmware Update

That, of course, is if you choose the easiest route, which isn’t necessarily the ideal option because there are already plenty of other companies using the exact same strategy.

We’ll also update the pricing and availability of the new mSATA line for you. Our first encounter with Phison was with Crucial’s v4 SSDwhich wasn’t very pleasant as the v4 was one of the slowest SSDs we have reviewed in years. By waiting a few generations we can show a significant increase when writing a new article. Click here for Firmware Version Click the link below to download the firmware update, along with our step-by-step tutorial, to easily update your drive. Monday, December 1, Most Viewed Most Commented.


Under normal circumstances, incremental firmware updates usually deliver a small performance increase. Since MyDigitalSSD doesn’t have the resources it takes to build their own controller or firmware, they are left with using commercial controllers, SandForce and Phison in this case. Can you please rectify.

Thanks to Marvell, Phison and especially SandForce you don’t need a huge team of engineers to make an SSD because you can buy and license everything from third parties. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Log in Don’t have an account? Find other tech and computer products like myxigitalssd over at Amazon Canada’s website. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

This update focuses on increasing and maintaining the drive’s speed as it’s filled up with data.